/ 15th April 2015 /

Stretching over 6,500 yards along the Creek; Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club is one of Dubai’s leading Golf Clubs with it’s perfectly manicured fairways & several beautiful lakes, the course emancipates the busyness reflected in the distant skyline of the city, creating an environment of tranquility and composure for the perfect round of golf.

Stepping away from the Golf Course the Club also lends an extensive list of golf and leisure related services. From the Golf Academy to 7 different eateries, a health fitness and wellness Centre and residential developments, there poses no question as to why this one of Dubai’s leading Golf Clubs.

So wether you want to sit and enjoy an antipasti tray whilst watching the sunset across the Creek, enjoy a stroll  along the Boardwalk or focus your energy towards health, fitness & wellbeing in Dubai Creek’s Fit Lab, or simply relax and unwind after a long week at the office. So something here for everyone.

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